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Marlene has been passionate about moths, butterflies and really everything nature-related for as long as she can remember. She blames her grandma – she used to read The Very Hungry Caterpillar to her every day when she was very little. 


She has always wanted to work in a nature-related field and has finally achieved this after finishing her B.Sc. in Land management and Nature Conservation in 2019. She is at the moment working as a field ecologist, passionate about the outdoors, entomology and botany. In the past years she has worked with Axel, Doug and Liz on the Heliozelidae Project and has been rearing caterpillars in the moth families Anthelidae and Lasiocampidae with the aim of shedding light on their biology and contributing to the resolution of species complexes. 


She is currently describing her first species (a moth) and is eager to embark on a higher degree in the future.

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