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Dr Suzie Bond is an ecologist working at the Australian Bureau of Statistics, where she is a specialist in biodiversity accounting. Suzi published the first field guide to the butterflies of the ACT in 2016, is a co-author on a forthcoming book on ACT moths due for publication in early 2022 and she has also published articles on birds and butterflies. Suzi leads a butterfly monitoring project in collaboration with citizen scientists and is a popular science communicator, conducting regular field surveys for butterflies and woodland birds as well as leading butterfly walks for the general public.


She is an A-class bird bander, with experience handling a range of species from albatross to thornbills at multiple field sites across Australia. Suzie completed her PhD in Ecology at the Australian National University and is an honorary member of the Australian National Insect Collection at CSIRO, an honorary senior lecturer at the ANU’s Fenner School of Environment and Society, and a butterfly moderator for Canberra Nature Map and Butterflies Australia.

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