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Australian Lepidoptera Research Endowment

Past Grants

The Australian Lepidoptera Research Endowment has funded successful applications since 2016. Below is a list of all past successful applications.

Grants awarded in 2022

  1. Axel Kallies (Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research): Funding towards molecular phylogeny of the Australian Adeloidea, building on from Ebbe Nielsen’s unpublished Ph.D. research.

  2. Ethan Beaver (Australian National University, Canberra): Funding towards Honours project ‘Systematics and evolution of the Ogyris aenone species group (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae)’.


Grants awarded in 2021

  1. Peter McQuillan (Tasmania Land Conservancy): An enduring enigma: towards a resolution of the Common Gum Emerald.

  2. Ted Edwards, Glenn Cocking, Suzi Bond and Andras Keszei (ANIC, CSIRO): Publication of a field guide to the moths of the ANIC.

  3. Georgina Binns (Macquarie University): Understanding warning signal mimicry.


Grants awarded in 2020

  1. Jon Finch (Western Sydney University): Funding for field and lab work for his study on Epicephala moths (Gracillariidae) and their hosts (Phyllantaceae).

  2. Peter McQuillan (Tasmanian Land Conservancy): Funding for field work for a revision of the Gallaba group (Notodontidae).

  3. Peter Mackey: Funding for visit to the ANIC to dissect lymantriine types borrowed from The Natural History Museum, London, which have to be dissected at the ANIC.


Grants awarded in 2019

  1. Peter Mackey (CSIRO ANIC): Support for visiting the Australian Museum for his revision of the Australian Lymantriinae for a Monograph volume.

  2. Michael Moore and Ethan Beaver (South Australian Museum, Adelaide): Support for visiting Australian collections for their revision of the ‘oxycanine’ hepialids of Australia.

  3. Jon Finch (University of Western Sydney): Funding for field work for his study Epicephala moths (Gracillariidae) and their hosts (Phyllantaceae).

  4. Andy Young (Nature Foundation SA Inc.): Funding for field work on Micropterigidae in WA.

  5. Georgina Binns (Macquarie University): Contribution towards molecular taxonomic resolution of the Amata nigriceps complex


Grants awarded in 2018

  1. Timothy Lee (with support by Andrew Mitchell) (Australian Museum, Sydney): Phylogeny and taxonomic review of Bathytricha Turner 1920 and Australian species of Acrapex Hampson 1894 (Noctuidae: Amphipyrinae (of Checklist): Apameini).

  2. Adam Kiss (University of Debrecen, Hungary): Taxonomic study on the Australian Acronictinae and Amphipyrinae species (Noctuidae). ​

Grants awarded in 2017

  1. Liz Milla (University of Melbourne): Support for field work for her Ph.D. project ‘Evolution and Ecology of the Australian Heliozelidae’.

  2. Andy Young (Nature Foundation SA): Support for field work for his project ‘Revision of the False Boronia Moths (Yponomeutidae, Praydinae) of Western Australia.

  3. Adam Kiss (University of Debrecen, Hungary): Curating and extracting material from the ANIC for his project ‘Reviewing the Australian Acronictinae species with regard to the revision of Craniophora’.


Grants awarded in 2016

  1. Thomas Simonsen (Natural History Museum Aarhus, Denmark): Support for colour plates in his volume The splendid Ghost Moths and their allies in Australia (Hepialidae) of the series Monographs on Australian Lepidoptera.

  2. Jay Sohn (Mokpo National University, South Korea): Funding to extract accession material and to curate the Yponomeutidae at the ANIC in the context of a taxonomic revision of the Australian Yponomeutidae.

  3. Liz Milla (University of Melbourne): Field work support for her Ph. D. project Evolution and Ecology of the Australian Heliozelidae.

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