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Tony Moore is a veterinarian who worked after graduation in Australia in small animal practice during the 1980s, and then spent 17 years in the USA teaching veterinary oncology at Tufts University in Massachusetts. He left his position as Professor there to return to Australia in 2003, and co-direct a veterinary oncology consulting company. Although well published in the veterinary field, his interest in lepidoptera is primarily as a hobbyist, and he has collected butterflies since he was 12 years old.


His academic career has allowed him to collect on all suitable continents and in such fabulous places as Sulawesi, Costa Rica and Madagascar. A more recent interest in moths has expanded his horizons (and number of cabinets) considerably. He and his wife live near Port Macquarie, on 25 acres recently designated as a Biodiversity Conservation Trust. Now semi-retired, he hopes to develop more dexterity and skills in the study of lepidoptera.

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